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California Rootbeer

Drink Of The Week : California Rootbeer

This weeks drink of the week is California Rootbeer. Sure everyone loves the classic tried and true Root Beer recipe, but it has one fatal flaw: a 0% alcohol content....
Beach Bum

Drink Of The Week : Beach Bum

This weeks drink of the week isn't just a euphemism for getting sand in your swim trunks, but is instead a term used to describe a homeless person living on...
Holy Toledo

Drink Of The Week : Holy Toledo

This weeks drink of the week is the Holy Toledo. This drink is a powerful mix of Southern Comfort, Blackberry Brandy, and 151 that is sure to make even the...
Black Russian

Drink Of The Week : The Black Russian

This weeks drink of the week is the Black Russian. The Black Russian is one of the premiere technologies to come from the Cold War. This delicious mix of vodka...
Ala Go Go

Drink Of The Week : Ala Go Go

This weeks drink of the week is the Ala Go Go. This delicious drink is a mix of dark rum, banana, and blackberry flavors. This tropical drink is strong enough...
St Patrick’s Day Drinks

5 Best St Patrick’s Day Drinks

March 17th is upon us. Which means it is time to celebrate the life of the foremost patron Saint of Ireland: St. Patrick. When Patrick was 16 he was taken...


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Irish Car Bomb

Irish Car Bomb

Irish Car Bomb The Irish Car Bomb is our founders favorite shot. He was introduced to it on St. Patrick's day years ago by his Irish friend Shawn (of the...
Irish Lady

Irish Lady

Irish Lady This champagne based drink is perfect for you classy Irish Ladies 1 oz Melon Liqueur3 oz ChampagneMixers1 oz Orange Juice Fill Glass With IceAdd Melon Liqueur & ChampagneAdd...
Lunar Leprechaun

Lunar Leprechaun

Lunar Leprechaun This wonder St Pattys day drink will turn the man in the moon into a Leprechaun 1 oz Tequila1 oz Melon Liqueur1/2 oz Triple SecMixers1 oz Lime JuiceGarnish1...
Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle A delicious green drink that'll have you stumbling down the Emerald Isle in no time. 1 oz Green Crème de Menthe2 oz Gin3 dashes Bitters Add Glass To...
Mai Tai

Drink Of The Week : Mai Tai

This week's drink of the week revolutionized the world of cocktails as we know it. The Mai Tai, not to be confused with Muay Thai (that would be a more...