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20 Must Have College Party Accessories Pt. 4 (21+ Of Course)

College Party Accessories

By The Ninja

January 28, 2016

By The Ninja

January 28, 2016

Welcome to the final installment of my “College Party Accessories” guide, it has been an honor drinking with you. If somehow you haven’t thrown the wildest party on campus yet, strap on your togas and beer goggles and start “studying.”

Drink Drank DrunkA combination of  all the best drinking games rolled up into one deck of cards. With three different tenses of drinking in the name you’re sure to drank, drunk, or drink (based on personal preference) in no time. Each card boasts a mini game or some other way to interact with the other players (and/or your liver). Regardless of how many people are involved no one will be sober after a round of this game. Guaranteed to be a party hit, invite everyone in your dorm to come watch you make a fool out of yourself (while drinking them under the table).

Spin The Shot'A simple yet elegant way to get plastered, with or without friends. A dramatic improvement from spin the bottle because now when people grimace when it lands on them it isn’t because the idea of kissing you makes them gag, I count that as a victory, and so should you. Just know you will have the last laugh when they are throwing up tomorrow morning. Fun to play with friends and just as fun (probably) to sit alone spinning it until you pass out. Regardless of how you use it this product delivers what it promises….. Alcohol.

Cards Against HumanityFor those of you out there complaining that this is not a “drinking game” per say, I’d like to tell you my personal philosophy: “Everything is a drinking game if you try hard enough.” I mean isn’t life just one big drinking game? It’s pretty simple, every time you win a round take a shot. Then the magic of alcohol will make you funnier and you’ll win more! Or pass out, either way you’re guaranteed to have a fun night.  Or just take a drink every time you feel ashamed of the card you just played, regardless of how you do it this is sure to be a hit at your next party.

Golf ShotsThe ultimate gentlemen’s drinking game, because what gentlemen doesn’t love getting hammered. Enjoy a nice day on the green from the comfort of your dorm room. Rumor has it this very game is the course Tiger Woods practiced on before making it big. So button up your fancy golf shirt and pull up those socks because today happy hour coincides with tee time. Before long you’ll be yelling fore before you take all your shots.

Drink A PaloozaWhats the only thing better than drinking a lot? Drinking-A-Palooza obviously. (if that’s not how to use the word Palooza I believe the English language has failed us) This game combines all the greatest drinking games: Beer Pong, Flip Cup, King’s Cup, Quarters, Drunkenly Crying In The Bathroom (My personal favorite), Drunk Tank, and many many more! The more people you invite the more fun this game becomes, turn your whole dorm hall into one big Palooza! (maybe it’s this one?) Before long it won’t even matter that you’re 45 minutes late for class because when you tell your professor the Palooza (nailed it) is in town, he will come running to join the party (Palooza?).

I’ve taught you all I can about the art of drinking, it is time for the student to become the master. Show us how you’re using these amazing party supplies with the hashtag #ExoticNinja (21+ Only) and together we can overcome collegiate sobriety.

Until we meet again it’s been an honor helping you turn your dorm room into your colleges biggest Palooza. (5th times the charm?)

-The Exotic Ninja

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