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20 Must Have College Party Accessories Pt. 3 (21+ Of Course)

Party Accessories

By The Ninja

January 21, 2016

By The Ninja

January 21, 2016

Welcome to the third installment of my “College Party Accessories” guide. While I hope you and your liver are still on good terms, I’m back again to help strain that relationship.  If you’re still looking for the best ways to drink look no further.

Neon Shot GlassesNot only do these shot glasses add color to your dorm room, they glow under a black light. No hassle and easy to throw away after they’ve done their duty. You and your friends will be taking shots in style, plus if anyone asks they are obviously for holding candy, or decoration, or some other lie. These colorful shot glasses will lend you hours of enjoyment. Just make sure that when the black light party is in full swing you keep the light away from anything that might reveal bloodstains or something else too “CSI”-ey you’re just here to get drunk not solve a crime.

SociablesThe sociables deck of cards will instantly change the way you play drinking games, no longer will you have to wait 10 minutes for someone to hastily write down the rules in drunken handwriting. Because the cards work for multiple games this is a gift that keeps on giving, and the cards have normal pips so you can play your sober card games as well. I don’t know what the fun in that is but hey it’s an option. With the added bonus of being plastic your drunken blunders will no longer be the end of the fun. The only downside to this one is you need some friends for maximum enjoyment.

Shot RouletteThe best way to feel like a high roller while drinking cheap vodka is here. Get ready to experience a truly magical night by turning your dorm into your own personal Vegas, minus the glitz and glamour. An exciting way to pretend you have enough money to be gambling while eating Ramen. Pit your roommates against each other and play the house (it’s more fun when you always win) or square off against your friends, regardless of how you do it this is sure to get the ball rolling for your next party.

ICUP drunk towerObviously Jenga is kids stuff, this is college, you deserve a challenge. The Drunk Tower is the ultimate test for you and your drinking buddies, with structural integrity that degrades as fast as your blood alcohol level rises, before long you won’t know which of the 3 towers is the right one. Don’t feel bad when you’re drunk and frustrated, nobody said such a complex game was going to be easy. If you are really struggling you can invite your architecture professor and together you can conquer the Drunk Tower.

Color me DrunkFinally an adult way to sit down and color without your friends judging you. As an added bonus because you’ve been drinking no one can yell at you for not coloring inside the lines. With tests to compare your drunk drawing to your sober drawing, the option to add your own flare to famous pieces of art, and even just some normal coloring pages, this book is sure to unlock your inner artist. During finals week you are going to fall asleep with your head in a book regardless, why not make sure it is a book you will actually enjoy. Color Me Drunk can provide a party for the whole dorm room, even if it’s just watching you reconsider your major because you’re obviously an art prodigy.

If you aren’t drunk yet one of us must be doing something wrong, but never fear there is another post coming soon. It’s an Exotic Ninja promise that by the time semesters over you’ll have an A+ in partying.

Until Next Time

-The Exotic Ninja

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