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20 Must Have College Party Accessories Pt. 2 (21+ Of Course)

College Party

By The Ninja

January 14, 2016

By The Ninja

January 14, 2016

Welcome to the second installment of the Exotic Ninja’s “College Party Accessories” guide. Hopefully the hangover from the first guide has subsided and you’re ready for your second period of Drinking 101.

15: What the F*@# Should I Drink 

What Should I drinkAfter a long day of class and “studying” it can be difficult to decide what to drink, now when you and your friends need to start the party just flip to a random page and start F*@#ing drinking. Those with sensitive eyes should look elsewhere as this book provides the raw brutal truth as to what you should drink. It will quickly become the most important text book you buy throughout college (probably the cheapest too). Of course if somehow this masterpiece fails you I have recipes for you here at as well.

BattleshotsThe biggest complaint I hear from children growing up is that their board games don’t get them drunk, Battleshots is here to change that. The game played by “actual” navy officers (drunk people in paper hats) to prepare for the heat of battle is coming to your dorm room. Prove your nautical mastery to your friends, I won’t even tell them why you make them sit in front of the mirror. Just remember when you win to do so gracefully, a lot of good men were lost when they sunk your battleshot.

Period Table Of Mixology Even if your school doesn’t require a chemistry class this handy study guide is a requirement to getting your PhD. in partying. With 58 recipes you’re room is sure to be the envy of the entire science program. Now when your mom calls asking how your day was you can cut it short by telling her you’re “in the lab.” Safety goggles not necessary and at long last you can drink the chemicals. So call up your old chemistry teacher and get their best mixes and you will be partying in no time.

Pass outPass-Out is the monopoly of drinking games, except it won’t take 4 hours and make someone cry. (No guarantees) This game has been around for decades so you better start making up for lost time. The end goal of this game is obvious and unlike all these new fancy board games that try to teach you things. Pass-Out exemplifies exactly what we want in a board game, an easy excuse to get hammered.  With simple instructions and an easy to follow board the only limit to the fun is how quickly your lightweight roommates pass out.

Checkers ShotsThis classy drinking game will have you and your roommates feeling like intellectuals in no time. Finally a way to take the boring monotony out of checkers. With 12 shots per side both players are bound to have fun, and now when your professor asks what you were doing last night you can say you were playing checkers to “train your brain.” Be warned when playing against those smarter than you, I can’t be held responsible for when they triple jump you.

If you aren’t the coolest and/or drunkest person on campus yet don’t worry there are more coming your way, soon your dorm will be the envy of drunken frats everywhere

Until Next Time

-The Exotic Ninja

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