Drink of the Week

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Banana Hammock

Drink Of The Week : Banana Hammock

This week's drink of the week is one that you have to be very careful when you Google. Oh the...
Fuzzy Navel

Drink Of The Week – Fuzzy Navel

This weeks drink of the week is not meant to be confused with the weird medical condition your grandpa has....
Sex On The Beach

Drink Of The Week : Sex On The Beach

This weeks drink of the week comes from Florida and every teenage guys' fantasy. The Sex On The Beach is...
Party Accessories

20 Must Have College Party Accessories Pt. 3 (21+ Of Course)

Welcome to the third installment of my "College Party Accessories" guide. While I hope you and your liver are still...
Piña Colada

Drink Of The Week : Piña Colada

If you like Piña Colada's and getting caught passed out drunk in the front yard, then this weeks drink is...
Bubblegum Shooter

Shot Of The Week : Bubblegum Shooter

This weeks drink of the week comes straight from your childhood. The Bubblegum Shooter is the perfect way to emulate...
Rum Runner

Drink Of The Week : Rum Runner

This week's drink of the week is The Rum Runner. This delicious summertime drink is perfect for a party at...
Alabama Slammer

Drink Of The Week : The Alabama Slammer

This weeks drink of the week comes to us from the deep south. The Alabama Slammer is a delicious mix...

Drink Of The Week : The Zombie

This weeks drink of the week comes straight from the grave, into your glass. The Zombie was created in the...

Drink Of The Week : Bloody Mary

March 11, 2023

This weeks drink of the week is the can be found in Old Wives’ Tales and your old wife’s pantry alike. The Bloody Mary is one of the most iconic drinks of our time and though it just a simple mix of tomato juice and vodka the possibilities are endless. The Bloody Mary is perhaps most famous for it’s “Garnishes” which can get as wild as your imagination will allow. Bars around the world have…

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Drink Of The Week : Earthquake

May 2, 2016

This weeks drink of the week is sure to knock you off your feet. The Earthquake is a delicious fruity drink sure to satisfy even the pickiest of drinkers. This drink has a shaky past and numerous recipes have been passed through time. The original Earthquake was created in France by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and was a simple yet potent drink. He named it Tremblement de Terre (Earthquake) due to its effect of “shaking up” the drinker. The original…

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Black Tower

Drink Of The Week : The Black Tower

April 25, 2016

This weeks drink of the week is a fruity drink that packs a punch. The Black Tower is a delicious mix of Whiskey, Blue Curacao, Dark Rum, and Sloe Gin that is sure to have your taste buds begging for more (and liver begging for mercy). Some people joke about this drinks looks, others its aroma, some even mock its name. These people obviously never learned the golden rule in school, imagine if they were…

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California Rootbeer

Drink Of The Week : California Rootbeer

April 18, 2016

This weeks drink of the week is California Rootbeer. Sure everyone loves the classic tried and true Root Beer recipe, but it has one fatal flaw: a 0% alcohol content. It was my moral obligation to fix this. So after many weeks of binge drin- umm lab work, countless recipe attempts, and a combined total of roughly 235 gallons of vodka and Root Beer; the California Root Beer is perfect. This delicious mix of vodka…

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Beach Bum

Drink Of The Week : Beach Bum

April 11, 2016

This weeks drink of the week isn’t just a euphemism for getting sand in your swim trunks, but is instead a term used to describe a homeless person living on the bea–. Scratch that I’m getting new information. I’m being told that the Beach Bum is actually a delicious drink that mixes 6 kinds of alcohol, wow I like this definition a lot better. It’s like my fancy “coffee” mug says: “Life’s a beach, get…

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